The state of the art facility is housed in about 20,000 sq. ft. area with four highly dedicated Air Handling Unit (AHU), compliant with Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) norms. The facility includes cell culture lab, microbiology lab, molecular biology lab and a separate laboratory animal facility. In addition, it also houses clinical investigation facilities for laboratory animals.

The animal facility alone is spread over 11,000 sq. ft with 14 units for maintenance of four species of animals namely mice, rat, guinea pig and rabbits for housing, breeding and experimental purposes.

This facility has fully automated double door cage sterilizer with digital control for sterilizing the regular and small animal cages/metabolic cages/SS racks/bedding material etc., capable of handling a capacity of 1,250 L with sliding double door with numerous features like inbuilt vacuum pump and in-built printer to name a few. This sterilizer is second of its kind installed in South India. In addition, steam jet (Spray gun) for the purpose of cleaning the SS racks/trolleys is available. The water for the facility is supplied by separate water storage and supply facility both for normal and RO purified water.

There is a dedicated hydraulic lift with air showers for transporting animals across the floors. The entrance to the facility is through change room, gowning area and entry into the clean corridor through an air shower. Each of the animal rooms is provided with two automatic doors (one for the clean and another for the return corridor) specifically made for lab animal facility.

A full-fledged operation theatre capable of catering to the international standards for the care of animals is built with a sole intention to provide hassle free surgical maneuvers for animals. The facilities in the theatre include small animal anesthetic apparatus for isoflurane administration, small animal ventilator, suction apparatus, custom-made surgical table, twin offset ceiling mounted shadow less lamp, floor mounted shadow less lamp, medical oxygen cylinder with regulator trolley complete set and all common surgical devices required for carrying out minimal invasive and advanced surgical procedures on lab animals. Clinical investigations can be carried out for lab animals using automated blood cell counter and auto-analyzer, in addition to ECG and radiography.

There is a cell culture room next to the OT, which is exclusively supplied by an AHU, housing a Class II bio-safety cabinet. There are three major laboratories namely molecular biology, microbiology and biochemistry. There is a separate facility for necropsy and histopathological evaluation of biological samples. There is ample space for radio graphical analysis and for ECG along with a large demonstration room adequate for conducting behavioral studies (Rota rod, Y-maze, water maze and plus maze).

It also includes capabilities for analyzing viability, gene expression (RT-PCR) and fluorescence microscopy. Further, refrigerated centrifuge (4 °C), deep freezer (–80 °C) are installed for cell preservation, cytological and molecular biological work.

Thus, with the above broad based infrastructure, microbiological, biochemical and molecular biological research can be carried out, not only with ease but also to international standards. Therefore, the Centre for Laboratory Animal Technology and Research (CLATR), Sathyabama University is designed to compete in the global scenario.